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Hints about Selling


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If you have something to sell, please feel free to post it in this forum. Post as much information that you can think of. Here are just a few things to include:

1) Year

2) Make

3) Model

4) Part Number (if it applies)

5) Color

6) Condition

7) Work needed

And, most of all... if you can post a picture, you will get better results! Just use the attach file button at the bottom of your message. Make sure your photo is 640x480 or smaller and in JPEG format (usually .JPG or .JPEG extension).

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Mike excuse my bothering you but you were the first on the list when I brought up the page and I am a new subscriber. I have a 1972 240Z that I have all the paperwork on that I am considering selling. Understand I am not cheap but I can be had. I am in Dallas and have had the car since 1991 with new paint and loving care. It was originally sold in Arizona then spent time in New Mexico before I brought to Dallas so rust was a minimum. It is the original Nissan 115 blue with a white interior. Now the question how do I consider posting it on the site?

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