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  1. Talked to Dad. He told me that the Bronze 260Z for 16 K is in Brissy Check www.zcarworkshop.com.au about it Yeah apparently it's had 40K spent on it. The interior is all leather n stuff. It has like electric everything including electric moving chairs or something.
  2. www.google.com how can u beat it?
  3. Not being Nosey at all. Just saying for 5500 don't expect your 240 to be in great condition. I didn't.
  4. OK Last pic. Im at uni tonight. My Monitor blew up ffs. But pix are uploading instantly which is good. But i can't figure out what the proxy adress is to get my MSN or ICQ to werk ! ! !
  5. :sleepy: Ill have to paint that mirror or something i guess. Yeah the bonet don't sit right. Right now though i don't have the time or the money to look into these things. Right now it's just transport eh.
  6. Yes Alpha i do have one chrome and one white.. The car don't look so good when u see it in real life. I mean i like it.. but it's old. You get what u pay for i guess. I also have no badges. so noone knows what type of car it is It's a 71 model. 10 month. It has a 2.6 litre fuel injected engine.
  7. EH lads. Yer 3000 kms from Sydney. I had a guess it was about that far. I'm in Townsville, North Queensland. OK i think the 8,000$ 260Z is the blue one in the pics. Mine is the White one. And mum reckons this the guy that owns the red one with the Air Intake on the roof has spent 100,000$ on it.. omg.. I don't have any pics of the 16,000$ one. Or if i do i don't know which one it is. The parents took all these pics.
  8. Well... The car turned out to be a piece of $^!#. Dad went down to sydney on other business and had a look at it while he was there. He reckons there wasn't a straight panel on the thing. And the roof and bonnet showed evidence of past hail damage or the like. So anyway. he went around to some guy that lubs his 240's He had like 4 for sale or something, and 30 wrecks out in his yard. Dad bought a white one that he thought was pretty good. They guy also gave my dad some advice. He said, look if this is the car that you love, don't spend money trying to do up an old P.O.S but instead buy one that someone has already put a lot of money into. Cause there was this 260z there too for 16000$. This guy had put 40000$ into it, but he had a stroke and can't drive it anymore. So his wife is selling it. He reckons.. that the kind of car u should look to buy. That's always debatable though, cause only you know what you want your car to look like i suppose, unless u find one where u agree with the last owners tastes in certain matters. Anyway The car will be here tomorrow after a 3-4 day drive up from sydney ! Only one more sleep, i can't wait YAY 240Z for me ! Later lads.
  9. OK... Umm.. well he wanted $5200 for it in the beginning.. that's Aussie Dollars.. The interior is a little rough. Cracks in the Dash and all that.. But the body seems to be pretty straight. I didn't have a look at the car personally. Had a mate go around and look at it. I live about 3000km away from Sydney. I managed to beat him down to $4200 over several weeks The thing is i'm not too worried about the condition of the interior. I don't want to really keep my Z that original anyway. I've got my 1969 Datsun 2000 Sports to try and keep Original.. but my 240z is going to be my play car.. if u get what i mean. The guy reckons that the car has been lowered.. he talked to the fellas that put the cars on the trucks, and they said there mioght be some problem loading it.. and won't accept responsibility for any damage. But that aint a real problem, i should be able to get someone to drive the car for me instead. Lowered though.. hmm.. And he's put a different diff in it too.. reckons it makes it easier to drive around town. This is worrying me a little. I won't to know why he had to replace the diff in the first place.. he probably thrashed it or something. But anyway. I think i'll be getting a good deal in the end. The fella told me all the rust was cut out of the car when it was repainted 5 years ago. I have no idea what is hiding under that paint. Hope it is ok though. What i wanted to know is what you guys know about this actual car. I know every year they brought out modifications and the like. And i was told that the first ones were the best. ie. 70 models. Just wondering what the 71 5th month versions are like.. ???
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