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Door Handle Help!!! Can't Open Doors!!


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I can not open either door from the outside and climbing through the hatch is just not acceptable!

On the pass door the rod that is connected to the outside door handle is missing the nylon nut thingy that connects it to the latch.

On the driver's side the outside door handle is broken and needs replaced as well as the nylon nut thingy on the rod that is connected to the outside door handle and the to the latch is is shattered.

MSA's catalog shows that they sell the outside door handle but it does not say if the rod I also need comes with it or not and it does not show it to be available seperately. There is a line pointing to it but no description, name, or part number.

VB shows the outside door handle available but does not indicate if the rod comes with it nor does it appear to be available seperately. In the diagram it is kind of greyed out.


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The "nylon nut thingy that connects it to the latch" is a standard nylon adjust nut. Check with a boneyard for an OEM replacement. OR Order the CD from Mike (our host) and try to order that part from Nissan. The part is a standard part that gets used in LOTS of different vehicles.

Bypassing that, you could also check with a good automotive parts store, preferably one that handles BODY parts. You should be able to find them there. I've seen them although I just hit the boneyard.


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