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'72 radio removal


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Is it possible to pop the radio out by itself? I've undone the 2 bracket bolts on the sides and the faceplate corner screws on the front but it's still solidly in place.


Does the whole heater control panel and faceplate have to come off to get the radio out?


I'm cleaning up/removing the last of some CB and forward speaker wiring.


Thank you. 82057d5a2d6ac0306a8d4d308fd17c4b.jpg

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I'm sorry for the short answer yesterday, I was using my phone.

Yes you'll have to remove the heater control panel but not all the way, just get it it loose so you can wiggle the radio out. The slider knobs will have to come off but the actual cables can stay. Small flat head screw on bottom of the knobs. Then I remember laying in the driver's side floor to get to the other attaching screws, maybe the passenger's side too? The console has to come out and there is a wire to the choke lever you need to unfasten and it seems like there was another wire up close to the front maybe? Anyway it's a slow knuckle scratching ordeal but you can do it pretty easy just take your time. That old stuff just loves to break.

I found the one that helped me...

Here's another good fix while your at it, waiting on the snow to melt or whatever. The choke lever mount upgrade.


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