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All dressed up and no where to go


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Been putting the last bits of the engine together today, I think she looks pretty good for a neophyte’s first go round. Now if we could just get the damn salt off of the roads...  Hopefully it will crank easily and run well when the time comes, till then it’s brake line bending school. 
P.S. I know #6 plug wire looks as tight as a guitar string, pretty sure PO adjusted the dizzy cap etc to accommodate a short wire, had me scratching my head for a while 




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I do have MSA 6 to 1 high heat ceramic coated headers on both Zs I babysit presently. I am so happy with the heat reduction since installing those plus the fantastic fit and finish they could put me in sales. LOL 

My 3 screw SUs are cool to the touch on the domes after driving in the heat of Dixie, and that's saying a lot as you know how hot it gets down here.

I haven't had a slice in a long time but I haven't been to a restaurant other than the one I have to go open up 6 days a week since covid hit. I've asked about Mata's and they say it's as good as my local favorite, family owned Mater's. That's saying a lot too.

Your work looks great. Keep posting pictures, love to see pictures of other Zs. Cliff


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