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$1000 oil and fuel filers, get 'em while you can.

Terrapin Z

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I know the price of parts has been going up recently on these cars but $1000 for a fuel filer or an oil filter, single spark plugs, alternators, Etc.

These guys are out for bank.


At least most are free shipping. lol

I went through many pages of their 396K parts for sale and they are all $1000 BIN. 98.5% positive

I know it is probably a glitch, just funny to me.


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I have done a great many searches on Ebay that have super overpriced offerings.

I have found this when I sort from high price to low. Sometimes its faster find what Im looking for this way.

My suspicion is these offerings are for laundering money using Ebay and PayPal. Nothing else really made sense

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I search eBay a lot too, and see many overpriced items, as well as some deals. 

I have not seen anything like this before. Where everything is the same price. If you look at their sold list it is all normal pricing. 

I know these "store" sellers upload and relist items in bulk. I thought the uploaded might have somehow set the price the same on everything. 

I do find your money laundering theory interesting and quite plausible in the online auction setting. I do find it strange how the same items are in the sold list, as well as the new list when it is a single used part.


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