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Parts for Sale: Spring Sale in July! Nissan 240z Springs.

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    Spring Sale in July! Nissan 240z Springs.

    I have a used set of springs for sale. Now who wants old stock springs? Well, I've had these a while and vaguely remember that they were some version of the comp or Euro springs, which is why I kept them. If they are "better than stock", then wonderful, please make me an offer. I'm happy to ship anywhere as long as your paying postage.

    • Front (driver, longer)  Overall length, 13.75 inch  Diameter 4.375, coil wire OD 0.44  Coil spacing in middle of length, 1.56
    • Front (shorter) Overall length, 13.5  Diameter 4.375, coil wire OD 0.44  Coil spacing , 1.56
    • Rear (both) Overall length, 14.75  Diameter 4.45, coil wire OD 0.46  Coil spacing, 1.50

    Lengths are absolute longest, from tip to tip of the ends of the coil, measured between squares stood up to touch just the tips at each end.

    Each has a Nissan part sticker, though all are damaged, and largely un-readable so part numbers are lost. Wouldn't that have been nice.... 

    One sticker on the shorter front spring, has a part number that ends in 06. wonderful...... 

    I found a thread here about Euro springs, and there is one that ends in 06, the LF apparently. 


     Carl lists some PN's and  rates.

    • 54010-E4107 240Z Spring/RF (101 lbs/in)
    • 54010-E4106 240Z Spring/LF (101 lbs/in)
    • 55020-E4201 240Z Spring/R (112 lbs/in)


    I took a picture of each tag, to prove they all have one at least.... 

    There is one front spring with a touch of blue paint more or less where I expect the factory paint marker to be. Not much of a clue.







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    For comparison, here is the front and rear specs for a stock 72 from the 72 FSM

    My fronts are shorter,  13.75 vs 15.2 (RH), and 13.5 vs 14.7 (LH) and my wire diameter is larger, 0.44 vs 0.417 stock.  No there is no sign of being cut. 

    The rears are the same free length, but the wire diameter is slightly larger. 0.46 vs .449

    Definitely not stock. They are definitely Nissan, so what are they?






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