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in desperate need of a 240 rolling car

the Z guy

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Ok i havent been posting for a while now and most of you guys probably dont remember my story. So i'll tell you. my dad started building a 78' 280z about 15 years ago... he put a high dollar 350 chevy four bolt in it (around 350 h.p.) and 350 turbohydromatic:classic: well he finished everything except putting the a.c. compressor in and the rest of the exhaust behind the headers. The car has sat for the last 15 years outside. im in and the car are in southern ca. so the rust isnt that bad. i plan to take the motor and trans out and put it in a pre smog 240 and use the two cars to build one. so if anyone has a 70'-74' z with not too much rust and no motor or trans let me make an offer or we can trade. if the car has motor and trans that is okay i can pull it and sell it to someone whois in desperate need of that. i will mostlikely have parts so ill tell you guys what i have or you can ask. the guy who actually has the 78 in his driveway said that in the car are new datsun parts for the car in boxes from 15 years ago i am taking delivery of this car hopefully within the next week. please e mail me with any helpfull information. thanks.

:D Michael

[email protected]

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ROFL i will probably have about $1000 plus or minus depending on what kinda condition its in and ican get to texas...my mom is a flight attendant and my uncle lives over there 1 question how much more does the sunroof weigh? im looking for performance.:devious: :ermm:
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I'm not sure about the weight of the sunroof. There are two cars I had in mind for you. One in Austin with sunroof, the guy was asking $800 and another in Houston which has not been on the road since at least 1989 for $400 (it's an automatic).

If you are interested I can dig up their contact info for you. Just shoot me a PM or email.

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The one for $800 has no engine and I do not think that it has a tranny. The one for $400 has no engine but does have the auto tranny in it still (this one the seller claims to be completely rust free); this guy has no title for the car though.

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