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How much have many of you paid for the engine and exterior sandblasted and painted? I will be doing this sometime in the next 6 months and I need to know how many pretty pennys I need to save in order to do it:D Any info would be great!


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If you have blasting done,get it in writing that

they will not warp your parts, i recently had a shop here

in NC blast sevral parts from my 76 280, they did a great

job on everything except the hood, it is warped so bad

that I can see the braces through the top of the hood,

from now on I think I will stick with chemical methods

if possible, best of luck


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Plastic - Not Glass

Glass media is too aggressive. Plastic media blasting is the way to go. You don't get the warping. This will only attack the paint, bondo and leaded areas. It won't touch the rust. That part is for you. :mad:

$400 to $600 for plastic blasting a complete stripped down Z is a good deal considering all the time and the mess created if youj do it.

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I'm about to dip my little beauty because I think blasting is too radical. I have blasted cars before and blasting can easily pit the metal. Will be posting my dip experiences in the near future. The last time I did a major paint job and body work was in 1992 and I paid $4700. The car was stripped to rolling chassis and sanded to bare metal; top side with minor floor and frame work. I was told the other day to expect to pay in the $4700 range just for the paint job. I believe this is a business of "you get what you pay for"and since I am expecting stunning results, so am I expecting to pay a stunning price. I'm in Florida also and will visit a place in Wauchula called "Revivations" next weekend. They came highly recommended from my restoration friends in Naples.

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