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Blue Lake Show...


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First of all, if this has been posted, I apologize, I ran a search on Blue Lake and found little.

That being said, who plans on attending the Blue Lake show a week from Sunday? The show is on the 8th of June.

I think it would be great to form a "convoy" (for lack of a better word, sorry truckers...) en route to the show.

I looked at some pics of the show two years ago and the Z-car section was sparse at best.

Anyone who is attending the show, please respond, and I'm not talking entering your car in the show, I'm talking attending. Hey entering is cool too, I just do not want to exclude people who are not planning on doing more than wondering around and not entering their car. I personally have not decided weather I will or not, regardless, I plan on attending.

I would ask for a show of hands, but, that most likely will not work. ROFL

Once we figure out who all is making the journey, we could maybe work on a site to caravan as a group??

Thanks for any input!

Have a great Day!


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Barring a serious conflict, this will be the debut of Z-Oro to the "Show Scene".

Unfortunately, the Roadster isn't through with her facelift, and makeover to attend, but she'll be there in spirit.

As far as a convoy, or caravan I'm game. However, I'm coming down from Felida (Up by Hazel Dell) and it would be easier for me to take the 205 to I-84 than to go I-5 to wherever. But, I'm game if there will be others.

Beandip's is currently all naked and disassembled, so it will probably be later this year or next before it's out. However, I'm hoping he can escape and join us.


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Shure I did , any way I am planning on going unless some thing comes up . I could bring a couple of front fenders just as an honorable mention sort of thing. Just so the ol blister is represented. I know Scanlon is planning on going , he has been polishing the zorro mobile for days. He has more z's on that car than Rip Van Winkel.ROFLROFL :stupid:

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