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1974 Datsun 260z Pollution Gear - Australian Spec

240 in OZ

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I am trying to ascertain what level of pollution gear (if any) the 1974 Australian spec 260z got. I know that the full set-up (as seen in the USA in 73) was introduced on our cars in 76.

I am also trying to ascertain if the same model/spec car got the carbon cannister which is mounted in the engine bay besides the radiator on the drivers side (note RHD).

I think that this cannister was part of the pollution gear. I use to own a 75 260z 2+2 (complianced 07/75) and it had the carbon cannister but it had none of the pollution gear intact; it may have been removed by a previous owner though.

Can anyone send me photos of an original Australian spec 74 260z engine bay, or direct me to some posted on the internet anywhere; I couldnt seem to find any in the gallery here on the site (there may be some there though).

Thanks for any help.


Joseph Gauci

240 in OZ

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I had a poor grainy photo of the 74 compliance plate so i typed all the letters and numbers. THE ADR'S ARE EXACT.


NISSAN MOTOR CO (AUS) P/L TO COMPLY WITH AUSTRALIAN DESIGN RULES NOS 1 2 3 4A 5A 6 7 8 10B 11 12 14 15 16 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 28


2/74 OOO647




All you need now is the photo of a complete engine bay, and a copy of ADR,s from Main Roads.

good luck Steve:classic:

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Thank you Steve,

Now for the specifics on those ADR's....

1 - reversing lamps (1/1/72)

2 - Door latches & hinges (1/1/71)

3 - Seat anchorages (1/1/71)

4A - Seat belts - front & rear seats (1/1/74)

5A - Seat belt anchorage points - front (1/1/69)

6 - Direction turn signal lamps (1/1/73)

7 - Hydraulic brake hoses (1/1/70)

10B - Steering columns (1/1/73)

11 - Internal sun visors (1/1/72)

12 - Glare reduction in field of view (1/1/73)

14 - Rear vision mirrors (1/1/72)

15 - Demisting of windscreens (1/1/71)

16 - Windscreen wipers & washers (1/1/73)

18 - Location & visibility of instruments (1/1/73)

20 - Safety rims (1/7/70)

21 - Instrument panels (1/1/73)

22 - Head restraints (1/1/72)

23 - New pneumatic passenger car tyres (1/1/74)

24 - Tyre selection (1/1/73)

25 - Anti-theft locks (1/1/72 (yeah, right :ermm:)

27 - Vehicle engine emission control (1/1/74)

28 - Motor vehicle noise (1/1/74)

So, what does this mean (specifically in relation to ADR 27)?

"These vehicles can be fitted with pre-emission or emission engines. If an emission engine is fitted, all emission control equipment (eg EGR system) originally fitted to the engine must be retained and operational. Any engine fitted to the vehicle must retain the original equipment carburettor & induction system, camshaft and air cleaner for the year of manufacture of that engine."

As opposed to the 240Z which is ADR26

"These vehicles may be fitted with alternative carburettors, camshafts or other engine modifications, provided that an emissions test is conducted on the vehicle and the Carbon Monoxide output does not exceed 4.5% at the manufacturers recommended engine idle speed, as specified in ADR26."

If you have an earlier Z (pre '72) there are no emissions requirements.

Well, that didn't answer the question, did it?LOL

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