Picked up a couple of new tools

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Well not new, reconditioned but I'm okay with that. Both are off of ebay, the first is a power burnisher, 7amp, 6 speeds, very tough unit. Not a tool you see a lot of in NA but has lots of different grits available from wire wheels, 60 grit flapper drums, straight sand paper drums,  Scotchbite type drums from very coarse right up to the finest polishing drums.  I have started mounting mine in the vice and using it to work on small pieces, best of all mine was less than $100.

The second tool is a  KETT sheet metal nibbler, this type of tool is commonly available but not from KETT, they use to only sell to industry, I don't know if that has changed but I grabbed it when I saw it, think I paid $75, came with new blades.  Nice smooth action, I think there are a few units left.







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Nice!  Looks like very nice quality - both of them.

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