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Bushing Removal


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I am currently working on the front suspension and steering. I pulled the "pivot" bolt holding the front control arm to the body but am having a hard time removing the bushing. Does anyone know any "tricks of the trade" on how to get them out.


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First thing you have to do is get the inner metal sleeve out. I use a 7/8 or 15/16 metal hole saw and put the control arm in a vise, and use the hole saw to drill the rubber from one side and then the other. The hole saw will go through the rubber fairly easy and it fits nicely around the inner sleeve and cuts the rubber almost in the center of it. Or you could use a drill bit and poke a lot of holes in it and then using a set of good vice grips, you should be able to tear out the inner sleeve. Or, you could do it the messy way and burn out the rubber.. but you'll not make any friends in the neighborhood with the smell.....

Then I use an air chisel with a V shaped bit to remove the outer sleeve. With the V vertical, you can usually catch the lip of the sleeve and roll it over and then proceed to cut the sleeve. Be careful not to cut into the control arm, but if you do you can dress it later with a round file.

A hammer and chisel will do the same, just take a lot longer.

That's the way I've been doing it and it doesn't take long.....:ermm:

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I just heat the circumfrence of the control arm with a propane torch (don't try to "burn" the rubber). What will happen is that a thin layer of the rubber will melt at the outer edge. It will smoke a little, but not too badly. Whack the inner sleeve with a large hammer and everything but the OUTER sleeve will fall out.

Dis-assemble a hack saw, and re-assemble it with the blade inside the control arm and carefully make two cuts in the sleeve only, about !/4 to 1/2" apart. Then you can peel the section up and remove the whole sleeve. Quite simple and not very messy or smelly if you dont actually burn the rubber.

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