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Side light refurb

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I have a 1/1971 240Z that has original side lights.  They are in ok shape, just needing a clean and buff.  The buffing is easy enough.  The cleaning is another thing.  They seem to be composed of two pieces that are nested together.  There seems to be no seal in this nesting of the two pieces.  The result is that there are small amounts of dirt in between the two parts.

Anyone had luck getting this dirt removed from between the two parts of the lens?  I've tried blowing with air and soaking in water with no luck.

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You are on target - the side marker lenses are a two-piece construct.  There is a very thin line of glue holding the two together.  Short of attempting to pry them apart and risk breaking a lens, you might try using a dull razor blade to clean out the crack between the two pieces.

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