How to add a Park Brake to your AZC Track Pack brakes!

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    Like many people, I fell in love with the performance brake system from Arizona Z Car. The Wilwood brakes are great.

    I spoke at length with Dave from AZC and he promised me a working park brake solution (required to pass inspections here) for the kit “in a couple of weeks...

    I ordered the front and rear setup and patiently waited for the park brake solution. It never appeared.

    Two years of waiting and almost monthly calls and emails always ended up with “another two weeks”... At this point I became fed up with waiting and set about to find my own solution.

    After dealing with Silvermine Motors on some other key pieces, I noticed that Edan had developed a similar system for the rear brakes. I contacted him and ordered a set of his custom adapter plates and a set of the park brakes along with the custom park brake cable and stainless brake lines.

    There are a couple steps to modifying the AZC system to fit but the end result is a functional park brake on the AZC system!

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    Step 1:


    One great feature of this kit over the AZC system is you don’t need to disassemble the rear wheel bearings in order to mount the adapter plate.

    Remove the AZC plate and bolt on the Silvermine adapter. Mine were powder coated black before install.


    Then bolt the plate onto the hub.



    You will need to install longer wheel studs at this point too. I ordered the 60mm M12x1.25 studs with 12.9mm knurl from RT Trackpro.




    This will account for the new offset required to match the AZC rotors.


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    Step 2:


    The AZC rotors are a 310mm diameter. This will contact the Wilwood calipers so a modification is required.

    You will need to have the rotors machined down 5mm total diameter in order to clear properly. I know this is a mod you can’t do at home so it will cost you a few dollars. I paid a shop to do mine and it cost about $200 Cdn. Well worth it as the shop said the rotors are super hard to cut and they did a great job.

    You will also need to add a 5mm spacer under the AZC rotor hat in order to bring the rotor in line with the caliper.


    Too tight:



    Just right!:







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    Step 3:


    Bolt up the rear caliper. I recommend you adjust the brake line fitting at this time prior to mounting as it is close to the rear strut. The fittings come with the Silvermine SS brake lines.





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    Step 4:


    Install the Wilwood Park Brake. You will need to remove the spacer plate that comes with it. And then bolt the brake directly to the adapter plate.






    If you need to adjust the caliper to clear the rotors or to tighten the park brake, you use the adjustment bolt on the back of the brake.




    Slide the brake pads in as you assemble the caliper onto the adapter plate.



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    Park Brake Cable:


    This part is easier when the car is already apart for restoration! But you will need to get access to the park brake cable assembly above the diff.

    Remove the old system if it is still there. The new park brake cable comes with all you need. Insert the cable as per the old system, and attach with the included circlips.






    Route the cable back through the old supports. This sample is from my 280Z and the 240 might be different.





    The cable routes behind the strut tube and towards the park brake.




    Adjustments can be made at the linkage under the transmission tunnel as well as at the back of the caliper on the park brake.



    Edited by wheee!

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    Finished assembly:






    This install will add about 5mm to your track width so account for that when you do this mod. If you have adjustable track and camber, all the better! I use the Techno Toy Tuning lower control arms and they are very tuneable.


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    Contact Edan at @silverminemotors for a quote on the parts listed above.

    I am super happy with the result and I finally have a car on the ground with park brakes that work! Nothing against Dave at AZC, but two years and nothing but promises is a dealbreaker. Now at least there is a solution for all the Track Pack owners out there that need a park brake! The end result looks perfect; exactly what I wanted in the first place.

    Edited by wheee!

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    Same Ebrake I have on my zcargarage e brakes.  Seems to work great.  

    The Wilwood products are very good.

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