Why Webers in first S20 432R Factory Racer?

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    You're wading into the very deep waters of Murayama vs Oppama here. I hope you've got your water wings on...


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    13 hours ago, 240260280 said:

    Murayama S20 with Webers as early as 1967 was mentioned in @kats thread. It seem to have more HP than with Solex:


    The above being road car prototypes, whereas you first post concerns works race cars. I don't know what conclusions you wish to draw from it, considering that carburettors are basically precision measuring devices which deliver what a given engine needs. Unless you know engine spec/state of tune it's hard to extrapolate anything from it.

    There will be differences in driveability due to design (apparently the S20 seems to 'prefer' the accelerator pump design of the Weber DCOE vs the Solex patent diaphragm, whereas the opposite is true of the L-gata) but I think it would be silly to say that an engine has "more HP" with one than the other. It's clearly more complicated than that.

    Of course, the Murayama works team GT-Rs started out with Webers (the Prince engineers had been using Webers for a good while and were used to them) but soon switched to sliding throttle mechanical injection systems, which suited the kind of racing they were taking part in. They were reluctant to fit these systems -and the engine internals which went with the upgrade - to the works 432-Rs (part of that internal Prince vs Nissan struggle) so there was a period when the works GT-Rs were running fuel injection whilst the 432-Rs were still on Webers. The works 432-Rs were racing on fuel injection by May 1970.  

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