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Just wanted to let every body know I found this site online the other day and can't stop browsing through it. It has by far and away the most information, pictures, and intelligent Zcar nuts on the web. I can't believe how many pictures are on this site. I'm sorry I didn't find you sooner. I guess my question would be when did this club start?

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ROFL this is a great site , I have been a member since about feb of '01 , and it has grown like a weed. The people here are dedicated to the early Zs and we help one another keeping them on the road . Welcome abord. What are you infected with , that is what Z car owns you. You know there is no cure. ROFL
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i've only been a member here a few months, but, i have learned allot, as well as hopefully helped a couple of u fella's out! you know the old saying, 'when you get inside of a Z, a Z gets inside of you!'

or, one of my favorites by mr. K himself, 'any car can get you where you need to go. but, a special car can get you there with a smile on your face!'

i personally own a 78 280Z. although, soon, she will look like a 240Z from the outside except for the badges (changing the bumpers... went to carbs.. etc.)

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