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Hello w a 280Z (YouTuber)

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Hello classic Z club! I just joined and wanted to say hi as i have some big plans for my 280z. 

Long story short, i currently own a fully build evo8, LS swapped FD RX7, and recently got into the S30 life.

i had a 260z that i was going to fully restore, then found a 280z that fit my needs perfectly.

Anyways, i just wanted to say hello and i am looking forward to all your support as im certainly new in the classic car world




Buying my 260z
Buying my 280z

280z overview

I put my 280z on a dyno

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Well, this isn't Hybrid Z but welcome anyway!  I don't think you will find a more knowledgeable and friendly group of people any where.  This site (Classic Z Cars) is a treasure trove of essential info on rebuilding or maintaining your Z.  We love pictures.  Sometimes they tell us more than words do,  so start by posting pics of your new pride and joy!

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Any chance you could post up the dyno plot?  No offense, but that's the most interesting part to me.  I assume it's a bone stock 280Z engine?  That would be nice to know also.  The number look about normal for a well-tuned L28.


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