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Early 240Z fuel distribution rail needed

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Hello all.  I need a fuel distribution rail for an early 240Z.

It needs to be the early type that has a block at the end nearest to the firewall

>>>See the illustration below for the type that I need.

I can't use the type that has a 180 degree turn in the tubing at the firewall end.

You can text a picture to me at 250-734-3811.



 240Z Feb 1970 US brochure.jpg


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I know where! I know where!



Full disclosure. It's painted gold, not plated. Easy to fix...

Looking closer, I see it's not exactly the same as the one in the picture. No little flat 90 deg bracket on the 2nd last support brace....

Somewhere, somewhere...

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Hi Z,

Thanks SO MUCH for finding your fuel rail. I'll take it.

The small difference in one of the brackets doesn't matter. 

And I see you are in Calgary---excellent!

I'm in BC, on The Island, postal code V9P 9J2.

If you could figure the cost of shipping and a strong box, or maybe even double boxes, one inside the other if you can find them, of course I'll cover those costs too.

You can text me at 250-734-3811  or email me at: cain@uwo.ca

 Thanks again!


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