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Is $100 (including shipping) for an R200 3.9 a good price? How hard are they to install in a 240Z and what else will I need to do so?

OH! Also, is there a way to tell what the ratio is without opening the unit?

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Well now I can't find the post where I saw this item at, it was a guy in FL selling it and a few other parts.

But I did find this guy in OH selling the same item for $50 + shipping: http://www.hybridz.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=21162

Ok, I kept searching but still could not find it but did come across another one for $60 and it is in CA. http://www.zcar.com/classifieds/index.php?method=showdetails&list=advertisement&rollid=772&fromfromlist=classifiedscategory&fromfrommethod=showhtmllist&fromfromid=34&

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You're welcome. I am always glad to help when I can.

I have opted not to go for an R200 at this time due to the amount of work and extra expenses involved in the swap. I'd rather find an R180 with a 3.9 gear since this would be a drop-in swap.

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:surprised Oh crap! I thought that all R180s were the same except for the gears. :cross-eye 2many pointed me, and others, in the direction of where to get different geared R180s in this post: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1568

According to his info a 3.9 R180 was available in the 720 4x4 1/83-6/83. Since the 720 is also a Datsun will it be a drop-in? Where did yours come from?

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