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who in gods creation...


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My Old 260z had it to cover the cracks in the Dashboard. I didn't put it there but I also didn't take it off. MInd you it had also had the cracks filled with Silicon :finger: .:angry: . But who am i to judge??? LOL .

My new 240z doesn't have one of these mats and I NEVERNEVER plan on putting one on it. The Dash looks ridiculous with it on and that smooth vinyl should be shown off. :cheeky:

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I'll admit to having an using one also. But only when it is in the driveway getting sunlight in through the windshield. Once I start up the car and I am rolling, it gets rolled up and put behind the passenger seat.

As a UV ray blocker you can't beat carpet!


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Please correct me if I am wrong but I had always imagined that the purpose of that bit of carpet was primarily to protect the dash from sunlight and therefore prevent it from cracking. Prevention is better then cure.

Are these really sold as a dash cap and not as a sunprotector for the dash??

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George: You got it. It's a PROTECTOR and that's why I have it. When the car is parked in the hot sun, I'm more interested in protecting the dash than I am about what the paperboy thinks of my dash.

Yes, it's ugly. Yes, it collects dust. Yes to a lot more questions. I bought mine on e-bay for $15. Cheap UV protection.

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