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i stumbled across your forum by accident.

i love z cars. the first car i ever drove was my mom's shiney new '77 4spd, i hope she never finds out about that...

i drive a big ole dodge pu now but i sure do miss having a z around. mom had new '74 and '77 z's. i've had a '80zx and a '78 until '95

do you folks mind if i hang around a little and get caught up on the z world?



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Feel free to have a poke around and see if our cars take your fancy. Be warned it could become addictive, four years ago I got Z fever ROFL . Haven't found a cure yet check out the gallery section there's plenty of nice rides to perve on there.


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This is a great site!!

If you do get a Z alot of the members here can help with just about any question you might have with it. NO matter how dumb you think it may sound,

no one will rag on you. I know i've asked a some of those, I thought someone would flame me. I got an ansewer and no bunker gear(firefighter protection suits) was required!!

Check out the classifieds there are good deals there sometimes!

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