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72 240Z parts F/s

Ron Carter

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I have a complete very original 72 240, with most parts still available, converting this car to a race car, parts that are NOT available include: front bumper-allready sold, door panels, fuse box and wiring, stock radio, & fenders. parts of interest; center console, rear bumper, original SU's with manafold and linkage, interior panels, dash pieces ad parts, all guages, fuel tank and misc. e-mail me with questions @ gcarter@sd.znet.com

Thanks, Ron

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Tried to email you at the address above but it got bounced back for delivery failure.

Let me know if you have any of these items and their


1. non-cracked black interior plastic trims: (2) qtr

panels, (1) roof panel, (2) dog-leg panels (w/ chrome


2. non-cracked\torned black vinyl trims: (1)

windshield roof panel, (2) windshield side panels, (2)

door roof panels, (2) sun visors, (1) headliner, (1)

hatch panel, (2) strut towers, (2) and wheelwells.

3. non-cracked\torned red tranny tunnel vinyl trim.

4. crack-free dash? (Did I ask you about it at one

time? Don't remember).

5. (2) black armrests and (2) black door handles

6. non-cracked black tailight interior cover panel



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