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which rear shock absorber for a 260z 2+2

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What are the models of performance suspension, i could put on a 260Z 2+2, because i see the tokico illumina didn't exist for 2+2.

Is there a big difference between 240z, 260z and 260z 2+2 shocks???

probably the load, but with adjustable shocks you can adjust it!

please give me your personnal test and experiment about the best shocks for dealy use and road rally!


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MSA carries KYB for 99.95 and two models of Tokico (illumina 149.95) and High Performance (76.95) for the 74 2+2. I know I tried to do a rear susp swap from the 78 2+2 to my 74 coupe and found the coil springs to be longer however I am not sure if the strut cartridges are any differant.

MSA also carries Motorsport springs (179.95), tokico (229.95), European (original nissan competition springs found on production cars in europe at 180.00 for a set of 2) and Eibach (one inch lowered at 279.95)

Hope this helps!

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thanks for your reply St.Stephen!

Reading victoria british catalog i notice that KYB strut cartridge have the same part n° 62-901 for the 260Z/280Z coupe 75-78 than the 260z 2+2 74, and coil spring have the same part n° 62-842 for the 260Z 1975 and the 260z 2+2 1974

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Salut Ben,

For your cartridge, you could ask Nordauto for Koni, they have them in stock, and considering the shipping cost would be at about the same price, they even have some that you can dial (as the tokis...)

Bon courage, Fred

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