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Anyone ID this rim style?


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Hi all,

we just picked up an early 74 260Z, rust bucket- but some useful parts at least. Has rims i've not seen before, can anyone identify them? (14 inch)

I'll try to attach the pic...1052229091?folder=INBOX&form=fetch&pos=0&mimeid=1.2

again.. D:\WINNT\Profiles\ntmanager\Desktop\Dcp_0071.jpg

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This is a picture of the Z Car shop owner's car here in Brisbane (Alan Stean). Looks like a picture from the Race to the Sky rally in New Zealand. The car is driven by Ross Dunkerton.

I think they call these turbo wheels. Maybe you could email Alan at the Z Car workshop and ask him directly.


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OK, i guess i am impaired, but the pic appeared this morning for me:stupid: So i have put it in my gallery, since i can't seem to make this happen here at work.

George- those rims are known as "Turbine" style here, i have a set exactly like that on my silver 73:love: I believe that there were a few manufacturers that made similar wheels; Appliance, Western Wheels, etc.

I got mine on Ebay a few years back-

Thanks, Jeremiah

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Check the wheels in my galery......they look similar by looking at the photo. Mine are Western Wheel with I believe 13 spokes Appliance made a similar one called Vector that had a few more spokes than the ones I have. My gallery has a close up of the wheel.


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Hi Axtell here, i think, is the wheel you want identifying.. love the yellow Z thing. :)


Looks to be from a '80-'83 Plymouth Sapporo / Dodge Challenger.

These wheels are known to fit the Z.

Bill - thank you, for the name of the wheels... they look good :) Nice Z too..

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Well, yes, they do look better on the Z- but we hoped they were some rare, valuable (sellable) piece. Of course on Ebay, you can always find someone glad to overpay!LOL

Thanks for the help!


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oops sorry man.. you shouldnt have asked to ID them... I see the ebay title now "Very Rare Datsun Z Wheels" Starting bid $500 LOL

Don't worry at least now you can get the Ebay title correct and sell them to a Sapporo owner! :)

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