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air flow meter


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Depends on which 'puter you have...Basically: No.

Don't try to get more flow by switching to a turbo AFM. Just 'adjust' (internally) the N/A AFM. A Tubo TB and intake will help, but the AFM is just an adjustment. Search around...you'll see how to adjust...


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and the turbo afm will flow more. all you would have to do is switch the internals.

and can you tell me why this wouldnt help. especially if you open up the tb and still have the small and restricted afm of the n/a engine blocking what you tried to open up and give more flow.

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could someone tell me the id of a zxt afm.

I've got the three inch cold air induction and the MSA TB.

or is there even a better choice than a zxt.

any concerns w/ making such a swap. wouldn't a larger AFM mess with the balance of injection system?


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