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who is in the know??


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i was searching for a 87-89 Z31 turbo differential and during my search at one of those parts locator places the guy that was on the phone tells me that the infiniti M30 90-93 has a R200 LSD just like the Z31 turbos

if this were true that would mean a new source for LSD's but i have yet to find anyone that can verify this.

is there anyone out there that knows if this is true or not.

i was told if it wasnt that they would pick up all shipping charges but its the hassle i dont want to go threw with and i have found a different source that has them much cheaper.

can anyone here tell me if this is true or not?

thanks for any assistance

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Methinks it would be viscous....

The viscous units tend to be a little 'softer' in operation. And that has 'Infiniti' all over it.

The could also be the short R200....

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