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Hood swap???


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I am putting a small-block Chevy in my 72 240, I also read that heat build-up under the hood could be a problem, so Ihad planned to put hood vents from a 260 on the 240 hood. Before I hack-up the good 240 hood, I wonder if a 260 hood would fit on a 240???? Figure someone has tried, any luck??:bandit:

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cus he wants 300 + hp and 350 ft lbs of torque from a stock engine with a few bolt ons like intake and headers... thats whyLOL

all the hood are interchangeable from 70-78...

for eight yrs hoods, headlight buckets, fenders and doors were all the same except the later years of doors are heavier because of side impact braces.

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i have a 350 chevy 72... hauls assLOL

what kind of tranny r u going to use?

The reason I ask is because if u go with a T-5 tranny you do not have to remove the tranny mounts in the tunnel.

I am running a th-350 tranny myself which did require the removal of the mounts in the tunnel.

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Hey; psimkin here, sorry I didnt get back sooner, but Disneyland was great. To let you know, I am going with a built 700R4, 4spd auto. I designed the car for cruising, slightly fast cruising :bandit: I built the small block for the reason stated by 72Z, more balls. I have been busy at work, but I am taking the car to a buddys shop in the next couple of days to put all the pieces together, should be on the road by August, the wait is Killing me!!!!!:devious:

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