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4 bbl conversion


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Okay I know I've posted this twice already but I really need help here. I am wanting to install a 4 bbl carb on my L28 powered '73 240Z. Which carb should I use? What about the linkage? The intake manifold? Any speacial instructions or modifications needed? Please help me!!


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Timberwolf, you're talking about a pretty standard conversion. There are kits available to do this.

You will need a special manifold that connects to your intake ports on the block.

I think someone has a 4-barrel conversion kit for sale in the FOR_SALE forum. Check that one out.

You will need to modify linkage and a few other items to make it work correctly.

But, when it's all connected I understand that it's a very reliable system.

That's all I know. Someone else will more than likely respond to you - just give it a few days.



Mike Gholson

1971 240z, Mikuni Carbs, Tokico 5-way Adjustable Struts, Ferarri Yellow, Stock Engine, 15x9 wheels w/50 series Falken tires, Currently being restored.

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