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Another 280 wiper motor conversion question

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Hey Everyone,

i know there are several threads on the wiper motor conversation but I am stumped. Also I have looked at the FSM but electrical diagrams are beyond me.

ok enough of the disclaimers and I appreciate your assistance.

We have a 2000 civic motor that works and want to use it to replace the motor on my 78 280z. The original motor worked two months ago but has now frozen up.

I have gotten the new motor to run in either high or low but not high and low at the same time. By that I mean with the same wiring set up.

The Z has the following wires: blue/red, black, yellow/black, blue/yellow, yellow and yellow/green.

The motor has the following wires: black, blue/white, green/black, blue/yellow and blue.

Any thoughts on the hook up I can use to get low/high and hopefully intermittent at the same time?

Also what role does the wiper amphlifer play in all this. I hear mine clicking as I turn the wipers on and with the amplifier attached the motor surges a bit. I took it off and the surges went away with no other effect.

Appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. Thanks in advance....

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Send DAVE, (zsondabrain) a message about this issue. He is an electrical guru when it comes to our cars and a good source of info. Good Luck.

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Thanks. I sent Zs on the brain a message a few minutes ago.....Hopefully, he has a suggestion.  We have it working now but only on one speed.  

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Being a 240Z guy, I'm not sure if the following info will help or not, but here it is....

On the Honda Motor.....
Black = Ground
Green/Black = Ignition power (from the car)
Blue/Yellow = High Speed
Blue = Low speed? (I think)
Blue/White = Park Wire

On the Z, firewall connector....
Black = Should be ground
Blue/Red = Should be power

On the Honda motor, when the blue and blue/white  connect, the motor finishes it's rotation and parks.
I read somewhere that the yellow wire can be tied into the blue/white on the Honda motor,though I'm not sure what it does or why it was done.

honestly, there's SO MUCH CRAP on the same subject that the answer get's lost in the mix. I truly hope that somebody makes a be-all, end-all diagram for each series of S30's that allows the Honda wiper motor to run in Low, high and intermittent...... That would be nice.

Here's 5 pages of "Guess-work"......

Good luck,

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Thanks Dave,

Working on this today....What does the amplifier do....other than possible amplify the current....and is it necessary for the wiper system to operate properly.?

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Not really sure why they call it an amplifier.....
It's just a timer (Delay, intermittent wipe)

I swear I heard that it can be unplugged and the hi and lo are still operable, just no delayed wiper.

I guess you can just unplug the 2 connectors on the delay unit and see how it goes. Couldn't hurt.... much.





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