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Using 5 /16 fuel hose on 9/16 fuel filter with clamps

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The steel fuel line that comes from the gas tank accepts 5/16 fuel hose but the entry and exit of glass fuel filter i have is 9/16". I did noticed that even with the clamp fully tight it leaks a little bit. Should i consider getting a Dorman glass filter 5/16 in and out or will the Fram G3 whic is 3/8 may work? I really dont like to smell or sense any fuel leak.

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You guys have Walmart down there? The g2 and the g12 both are 5/16 and in the auto section. 

Your actually stretching  5/16 hose on to a 9/16" filter? Or you running on 9/16 hose on the 5/16 fuel line?

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Sorry i guess i expressed a mistake on my post. The fuel hose that fits the glass fuel filter tigthly and snug is .025 as shown. The one that comes from the metal fuel line to the engine bay is 5/16. I guess its better to buy a dorman 5/16 filter then?



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Those glass filters are very good for diagnosing rust or debris in the gas tank. Otherwise junk in my opinion. Besides  being breakable, they suck in air bubbles unless they are on the pressure side of the fuel pump, in which case they would leak gas.  I had one in the engine bay before the fuel pump that always had air bubbles in it. I tested by replacing the filter with a piece of fuel-rated clear tygon tubing, no more air bubbles. Because of the way they're made, they have 8 places that can leak or suck in air vs. 2 places (the hose connections) for a regular fuel filter.

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