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2+2 interior into 2 seater


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Unfortunately the shape of the 2+2 determines that not alot can be swapped over.

The inner door skins are different as the 2+2's doors are different in length.

The roof line is different so I suspect that the padding on the roof is not changeable. (mine had a sunroof in the middle so I didn't bother taking it out).

The panel in the boot across the rear lights will change ok. The panel inside the rear hatch will change to any other car also.

The inner quarter panels are useless. The seats however are the same as all cars.

The dash is doable if it's even worthwhile. I have a feeling the centre console is longer on the 2+2 but I'm not 100% as I own a 240z.

It definately wouldn't work on an earlier 240z as the centre console is shorter.

Basically the 2+2 is the same dimension wise from the front of the car to the front windscreen from there on it's got so many differences that if your looking for a 2+2 donor car it's probably not worth while.

Any further questions just give me a yell.:classic:

PS: Mechanically though it's a different story. Diff, Gearbox, Engine etc all changable, Driveshafts are not.

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Thanks for that.....I need a full interior for my 260, last year i passed up on about 5 260's because of rust, now that i dont care about rust for a parts car, I cant find anything and to make things wores, prices have gone up. Must be a surge in the Z popularity with the 350Z release.

I was trying to be lazy and pick up one of the plenty 2+2's around, I really think a full car is the way to go as I will need to wire up the dash, all window mechanisms, all little clips, bolts, screws etc etc

I will keep looking for a cheap 2 seater and stop being lazy :)

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I just thought I can add something here.

The 260Z coupe all the vinyl and plastics in the rear of the turret the roof and the soft linings are basically the same as the 240Z with only minor changes for the additional equipment.

Why not source a whole interior from the states or use the new repo plastics and vinyls to get a show finnish.

Good luck with the hunt



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I imagine freight from the states to be on the expensive side.

Reproduction interior interests me, but all I have found so far is the door trims at $250/ea.

Plus I would still need a parts car for all the little things that you dont think of, as I have a bare shell.

The things we do :)

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How good is your shell, would you be better off chasing a top line complete Zed. I thought Melbourne had a good Zed network for chasing parts and cars at both ends of the spectrum. Carlos at Sportclassic in Sydney has a large range of stock from complete running down to small bit parts maybe you should give him a call.


Steve :classic:

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hi Drunkenmaster,

I see you are looking for a parts car. I have just finished my car which is a 74 260 2 seater and have the remainder of my parts car at home which is basically everthing minus the hood and front panels. I was planning to sell it to a mate but he's taking forever to start on his car so give me a bell if ur interested. It's a 76 260 2+2 with int and L26. I was planning to get rid of it for about 400 bux. Also, I noticed ur having some trouble with door trims etc. I had everything in my car retrimmed. I had the 2 seats done to orig black for $360 the pair and door trims for $75 each as well as strutt towers etc in diamond vinyl pressed pattern. u should be able to find a pair of old door trims n retrim em! have u tried Warren at zworx? I also have a freind that used to work at the zshop in Malvern and he has alot of z stuff at home like door trims etc. I live in St.Kilda and u can reach me via e-mail. I just got my car home today so if ur near by u can drop in n check out the int work n see if it's to ur liking. I have sent u my mob no via ur e-mail!!


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Thanks guys.

Yes, Melbourne has been good as far a Z resources go, its just the fact that I bought a shell for what i thought was a decent price at the time with all rust cut and rewelded as well as a fresh respray. In the end I ended up respraying it again to get a better finish, you can see it by following the link in my sig.

I have spent too much on this shell to turn back now, and what i really would like is a 2 seater rust bucket which I could slowly strip bit by bit, recondition what I strip system at a time and install it into my shell. This what I have all the parts I will need and a "map" car to follow.

This could be done by chasing parts through the various suppliers around whom are more than useful, but I think it will work out harder, more time consuming and more expensive buying part by part.

I had a complete 260Z a while back but I sold it, kicking myself now.

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