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Door panels

Rij Martin

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  • 2 months later...

I actually still haven't done mine yet, I have been working on other bits. (I know I posted this thread forever ago) I know somebody that is going to make a tutorial of a redo so right now I'm just waiting on that. My door panels were not in terrible condition, just a few small rips here and there. The tops were peeling up pretty bad from the sun beating on them. While taking them off the car I tore the card itself were the clips go, that could be avoided by just slowing down while taking them off. Taking the vinal off wasn't too bad accept for where it got stapled into the metal bit on top, that took some time and a few cuts on my hands. Once I got the vinal off there was a bit of rust on the metal piece on the top so I just went over that with some steel wool. I'll let you know when that tutorial comes out.

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