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Vin# Hls3031655


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I know you guys have this at your fingertips, so could someone tell me if I can research the car? The color plate has been painted over and I don"t want to hit it with chemicals to clean it until I see if there are other avenues. I think it should be red!

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Only way you can find a cars true color is to look on the firewall under the dash or someplace that is usually not painted when most people change the color.

There are no records of VIN numbers, with color, options etc.. like you can research for a lot of US made cars, unfortunately.:disappoin

Shame Nissan never put a tag on the car somewhere that had all the pertinent info that could be de-coded to find a cars original condition as it came from the factory.

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Your best bet is to carefully remove whatever overspray is on the decal. However, don't hold your breath as the silverized decal had the lettering and color code silk-screened on with .... more paint. More than likely it will have been smudged off when you finish cleaning off the overspray or paint on top of it.

However, you CAN peel back that sticker or look behind the Engine Plate on the Strut Wall, or look under some other piece of hardware that might / should not have been removed since the factory. Then you can get a good idea of what color it was originally.

MPerdue has a web site with color pictures of the original colors. Granted you have to take your color monitor's performance into consideration, but you should be able to pick out yours.

Hope this helps.

Enrique Scanlon

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