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i tried at emergencey forum


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Hiya, sorry nobody got to you...

The sending unit is has a twist-off plate that holds it in place. I suggest that you buy a new sending unit and seal. Check with your local Nissan dealer for price. If you can't afford the sending unit, see if you can get the new seal.

The plate should rotate to the left a few degrees and then pull straight out. Err... I should say that's what mine was like. What series and year car do you own?

-- Mike

PS: I moved this back into the HELP ME forum and deleted your old post. Not sure how you can seal it up w/out getting the parts you need. You could try removing the unit and making your own seal with cut-out gasket material.

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Silicone is not impervious to gasoline and will eventually leak.

The Rubber O-Ring that the sender presses down on when the Locking Flange is turned is what has gone bad.

You should be able to get a replacement o-ring at your local Full Service Auto Parts Store. Take the old one in, bring the sender too as that way they can get you the best match.

Mike's already posted how to remove it, installation is just the reverse. Personally, I wouldn't go buying a new sending unit unless the other one is bad.


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