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Oh so wise Z community! 

I need your assistance desperately! I have a short... Somewhere! 

I currently have, running lights at all.  I also have no dash lights, marker lights, tail lights, or engine light. I believe the dome light is also not working. 

What I do have is headlights, turn signals, brake lights, map light, and radio. 

When I change the fuse (tried 3 times) it immediately flashes and burns.. So much so that I burned my finger. 

Oh wise ones! You direction and help is very needed! 

Thanks much! 


The lil z lady :) 

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Do your gauges work?  I lost those and a bunch of lights and it was popping the IGN fuse as soon as I turned the key.  The car was running but I had a bad alternator that was "back feeding current through the ignition"?  Another problem I had some years ago was no dash lights, my combo switch had gone bad.  The way they are made every time you turn on the lights it archs on the plates internally.  I fixed it myself, it was a bitch but I have more time than money.

This is what I went by,  http://www.kamikazeracing.org/dl/ZTech/Rebuild_240Z_combo_switch.pdf

And here's a picture that shows the contact points.  You might could talk to Mr Irwin about rebuilding yours.  Click on "services",  http://datsun-240z-upgrades.net/   Good luck!

combo switch up close.jpg


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It starts with corrosion in the sockets. It ends with a meltdown of the fusebox. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. I have seen the fuse fail with such a tiny break that I to magnify the image of the fuse to find it. When I replaced the fuse, the new one stayed intact long enough to heat up the fuse box to the point of melting down.

First always put the year of your car in your posts. The electrical systems did change over the years. I can give better diagnostics with that info.

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You want to check the fuse at the red box. If you don't take care of the problem, the fuse box cover could end up looking like the one in the second photo.

Fuse Inspection.jpg


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