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back on the road preparation


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My 1971 240z is about to be removed from the auto cocoon in the garage and gently placed back out on the street. It has been off the road for about two years and only started about 5 times in that duration. Last start was about 2 months ago. Before I get it registered what are some things that should be done, to do this properly. 2.4L mild race cam, triple 45mm webers, extractors, it blows a bit of smoke and ever more with big acceleration. shocks are loose and probably need replacing. Please recommend a good shock, it has lowered king springs. I live in Brisbane, Australia, so something local without shipping would be preferred. If there is anything else that should be done please help. Thanks

Buy the way I thought I found my GOD when I found this forum!

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The smoke may be normal. I took one of my cars out of storage a month ago and it blew smoke for the first 5 min. I saw an old Galaxie that wasn't started in more than a year look like a diesel with all the black smoke it was spewing. It did just like you described. Once the engine ran for awhile and it was driven around, it stopped. But I did say MAY be normal.

As for shocks, I belive Koni and KYB are the two most popular choices. I have no preference over the two but I'm going with Koni when I get around to my suspension.

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Hi Luke and welcome,

the guys around here should be able to help you with just about anything Zed, oh and anything you can help with please post your thoughts.

With the smoke blowing, you have done minimal running it probably wont be much. My 71 is in storage and I am running it about once every two months but I warm the engine right up and take a blast off down a country road for a few K's the smoking settles right down when i get back to the shed.

As to shocks there are heaps of brands out there, I would suggest TOCKICO Gas, with KING springs they work a treat.

If you are on the south side you should get along to the Zed car workshop


ALAN STEAN runs it and he could probably help with some of your running repairs to get back on the road.

Good luck



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Thanks a heap Steve. I have been to the Z car shop many times throughout my Z car days and its like the happiest days of my life. Alan is a GURU when it comes to Z's. However since being off the road I haven't had a chance to see him. By the way are the Tockicos available in Australia, better yet Brisbane and how much per pair?


Luke :classic:

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I am actually in the same boat as I am replacing my shocks and getting some new urethane bushes...

Now I've been to pedders and datrally....Pedders want to charge me $390 fitted for a new set of rear Monroe shocks and datrally want to charge me $800 for a fitted set of Konis Koni rocks but is high maintenance, and Monroe are good but are they Z good?)! Now I'm not looking at racing, and I know how good Konis are, but I can't justify the price because it a cruiser/classy/classic/weekend punter...I don't want to thrash the $^!# out of it, so 120mph around a 90 degree bend shocks aren't required...

I've got king springs fitted all round to lower the Z also, but I was wondering what would be the best road only use shocks for the Z...theres alot I want to do and spending $3500 on shocks and a new setup for racing would be nice (though totally unnecessary), but I want to do other things and keep the car fairly standard...any suggestions and prices?

Cheers ppl!

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I would love to go....however I am getting married. That is a shame. It sounds like it would an excellent weekend. How do I find out about more Z gatherings?? Locally of course.

Thanks for the news.


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Hi Luke, I must say it looks like Tokico are thin on the ground here, sorry cant offer an agents address but this thread will give you some more insight into the shock debate.


For my money, and your in Brissy get allong to the Nationals events if you can, you are bound to meet some great people.

good luck


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