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Dimensions of MSD6AL box??


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Hi all,

Would anyone be so kind as to give me WxLxH dimensions in " or mm of their MSD6 box? I am fab'ing an alum. box to go where the smog pump used to be - it will house the ext. coil right now and also have room for an MSD6AL box in the future...

Thank you.


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Once again 2many is right on...

The 6al and coil should be kept as cool as you can for best results. I mounted mine on the pass side shock tower using the MSD rubber isolators as this side of engine bay is cooler and has the room. We put the ITS car one inside the pass compartment and used long wires.

If you are going to mount it inside a box, mounted to the engine probably not good, if the box is going on the inner fender probably good idea. 6al is pretty tufff box by itself and really does make the car run better. $ well spent imo.

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thanks guys,

the box has rubber insulators that separate it from heat sink betweeen engine and itself, further there's rubber insulators between the coil monting bracket and the inside of the box, and the box is shielded from the header

then on top of that the engine would have new rubber mounts and the header is wrapped

do you still believe heat/vibration would be an issue in this case?


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Not mine, Mark's - #13 I just help him out when I can which hasn't been much lately. I don't have the time right now to do my own, maybe someday when I retire...

Eric, I think you would really be better off mounting it on the chassis somewhere rather than attached to the engine. Less vibration and heat under any circumstances. Length of wires doesn't really matter too much performance wise...

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Well Dave, I thought you might have been ready to spring a surprise on us....:classic: I didn't know he still had his IT car.. seems everyone else has gotten rid of them and gone over to the "other" side....:disappoin

Eric, I'd be wary of mounting it under the exhaust like that as the box itself is going to act as a bit of a heat sink.. It's a good idea, just maybe not the best place to mount it. Not only will it absorb heat off the exhaust and the block, the only air flow it will be getting down there will be air coming through the radiator, which will be much warmer than the outside air, due to it's being warmed on its way through the rad. I've seen many people mount them on the drivers side inner fender, usually close to the radiator support so that the air coming throught that one opening would cool it. Some people even ran a short hose from the opening and ended it near the MSD box.

I'd tend to agree with Dave, I'd mount it either on the passengers side, or on the firewall, either inside or out.:ermm:

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