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Another insurance question ...


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Well, my car is about ready at the shop (close to $7000 in mechanical work alone) and I need to think about insurance before driving it much. I currently only have liability with Allstate. I've looked at previous discussions of this topic and am guessing I need "agreed upon value" insurance. I called Hagery and talked to a nice young lady. After several minutes of discussion about how the value would be agreed upon it seems that they're of no use to me. They seem to think that you're only going to go to car shows and drive on Sunday afternoons. No trips to work or the grocery store are allowed (well, I think she actually said I could drive to work twice a year). I'm not putting this much money into a car that I can only drive under such restrictions. I've tried calling the ANPAC people as others have suggested but only get a busy signal right now. Their web page only lists "stated value" insurance anyhow. What do the rest of you guys do? If you put $15000 into a car that is only worth half of that when you're done, Ok, I can accept that. Insurance companies probably don't want to give you more than you could have sold it for. I can't accept not being able to drive it when I please (understanding that there's probably a 3-5k miles a year limitation). Any other suggestions?

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Haggerty's does have a lot of restrictions on your use of the car, but seems like you can get policies to suit your needs... maybe you just got a customer service rep that didn't know what they were doing...:cross-eye

Most auto insurance companies do offer the same type of "agreed upon" value policies, you usually will be required to either submit photos of the car or have it appraised and more than likely their premiums will be higher than the specialty insurance carriers.

I'd continue shopping around...

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I have a little known Classic Policy from State Farm. It is an Agreed Upon Value policy. The highest I could get on my 1970 240Z is $9,000 last year. If I document improvements, I could possibly get it higher. It costs me $35/6months. I can drive the car to work a couple of times a week, total annual mileage I think was something like 5,000. I did not pay too much attention to that since the highest mileage year I have diven it was 1,500.

You might have to have your agent inspect the car or they will want pictures and a detailing of what the car has had done to it.

Hope that helps.


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