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bling bling but no blink blink


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My blinks don't work but the hazards do. They seem to have a bad connection but I can't find it. Even when they did come on they never blinked, I would have to do it manually while driving :classic: . Since that flashers work I am guessing the problem lies in the dash somewhere, or in the steering column. Does this problem sound familiar. I know it can't be the turn signal because I just got it, along with the ignition. ???

Frankenstein Z

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Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the bulbs have 2 seperate filaments in them? One for the blinkers and another for the flashers? (sounds like most of us here, blinkers and flashers LOL )

It could be as simple as the bulb if that is the case.

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The two filaments in the bulbs are:

1) Stop Lights OR Hazards OR Turn Signals

2) Tail or Parking lamps.

There are also two separate Flasher Units (the unit that makes the lights go blink-blink). One is for the Hazard Lights and the other one is for the Turn Signals.

The one for the Hazards, if I recall correctly is the one by the passenger kick panel, the turn signal one is the one by the steering column.

That you report that you used to do the turn signals "manually" says the lights work, but that they don't blink. That says your flasher is not getting warmed up enough to "blink".


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Yah - What he said !

My blinker flasher unit piece thingy ma'dodad is on the drivers side near the steering colum. ('72 240Z) It is a round can, Maybe a little larger than my thumb. (I think my thumb is average) and about as long.....

- Jeff

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