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Turn signals stopped working


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When I took my 72 240z to get inspected, the parking lights and taillights just stopped working. I took it home and cleaned the contacts on the fuse for those lights and it came on fine. (this being after removing the cover to the steering column to check on the combination switch which i did not remove/modify/mess with etc and put it back on).

My problem is that I have everything else working and now my turn signals no longer function as they had before today. When I try to activate either signal, I get no clicks or dash indicators and the lights do not blink. Any ideas what could be wrong? I removed the steering column cover again and visually inspected the mechanism and everything looked normal.


Edit : the hazard lights still function properly

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Remove all the fuses and test while out of the fuse box. You may have a 30 year old fuse in there that was slightly damged when you were in there cleaning contacts. The end-caps tend to separate from the glass and it can look good, but still not pass current from one end to the other. As cheep as fuses are, I replace them all unless you KNOW that YOU have replaced them recently. Eliminates one potential source for your problem and for future issues.

just my $.02

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