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mounting rear louvers


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I picked up some aluminum rear window louvers on ebay, but they're not the kind that mount underneath the window trim. It looks like they have to be screwed into the sheet metal, with the hinges going above the window, and little spring-bolt latches to the left and right below the window (they just came with some sheet metal screws). Anyone have any tips for installing these besided appliying POR15 inside the holes I'll need to drill?

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I just took mine off (personal preference). Mine was aluminum, same design you're speaking of.

You must tilt up to wash rear window. Over time, it bends the metal at the top, where the hinges are screwed into the sheet metal.

Makes the rear deck lid heavy, and depending upon the charge strength in your hatch strut(s), will slam/not stay open.


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I have the same exact louvers for my Z and they really help to keep the car cool and protect the rear carpet from the sun. Also I prefer the 'rounded' style of these over the 'hard edge' style for the early Z's.

Mine are off the car right now as I'm in the process of fixing some rust spots. There is rust under where the hinges were at the top. I haven't tried it yet, but I've thought about POR-15 the small area under the hinges and making thin rubber gaskets the same size as the hinges to be installed under them to keep them from rubbing the topcoat. I'd do the same for the spring-bolt latches. I'd also use stainless steel sheet metal screws instead of galvanized to prevent rust.

You didn't say what shape your new louvers are in. If they're well used, you might want to refurbish them by taking them apart, clean and paint, re-rivet (with aluminum rivets), and install new rubber edging on the top, sides, and on the spline (the center piece) where the louvers rest on the hatch and glass.

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Yes, that is my car in my avatar... and well I've got the 70's wheels, I thought I'd go for the 70's louvers... I obviously don't want to bend the sheet metal though... maybe that happens because hinges aren't kept lubed? I guess I could test the holding power of the hatch strut by laying the louvers on the hatch and seeing if/how well it stays open... maybe I'll just end up putting them back on e-bay for a loss :-\

P.S. you're talking to a guy who put sidepipes on his black 280Z in the late 80's when he was 18 ;-)

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