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Identifying Manual Transmission Type


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Maybe I'm being overcautious, but I'd like to KNOW that the 5-speed from my 73 240 will plug-and-play in my 77 280.

I originally thought that 5-speeds were not available in 73 (and the existing 5-speed in the 73 was a previous owner modification). However, the Haynes manual indicates "Type FS5C71A" as an available 5-speed on 240's and 260's.

From 77 on, the Haynes manual identifies "Type FS5W71B" as the optional 5-speed.


1- Do identifying marks exist on the main casing or rear extension housing (or anywhere else for that matter)?

2- If my 73 utilizes the older 5-speed, is it still plug-and-play with my L28?

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5 speeds were available on the 240z since the first zed rolled out of the factory. Only Left hand drive US zee's got 4 speeds, and since the L24 was the same for the rhd and lhd the 5 and 4 speeds are interchangable. I thnk the F boxes were used up untill the 280zx turbo, which used a different type box. i think it was a borg warner style box.

I think all boxes are interchangeable. but i'm not 100% sure

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Amen to that Mr C.

Mike, you have almost certainly got a "B" type 5-speed donor rather than the ( shall we say, less common in the USA ) "A" type 5-speed.

To make sure, have a look at the sticks and the bellhousings; the "A" type has a straight stick and removeable bellhousing. The "B" type has a "bent" stick and the one-piece bellhousing-primary gearhousing casting.

You're doing things slightly differently to the normal scenario here. Usually its the case that people with earlier cars are asking if the later tranny will fit. On the shells that originally came with "A" type 4-speeds ( and cars with "A" type 5-speeds which were not officially imported to the USA market ) the issue is with the positioning of the shift lever in relation to the surrounding sheetmetal. Usually a little cutting is required.

However, your 280Z will have originally come with a "B" type transmission - so there should be no fitment issues there. In fact, the transmission that you are putting into the car is probably younger than the car itself.

Make sure that you use the correct throwout arm, bearing and collar. The best way to do this is to keep the clutch unit and all the throwout bearing pieces together as a unit, and not mix and match.

Good luck,

Alan T.

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Thanks guys.

Alan, my 77 is very close to being "just right". However, I've coveted a 5-speed tranny for quite a while.

I had already justified the parts car, since:

(1) -my windshield deductable is $250 US (the parts car's windshield is perfect);

(2) -I need a new steering wheel (the parts car has a sweet steering wheel from a 93 300ZX)

When I realized that this 73 parts car had a 5-speed, it was a no brainer.

The car was DELIVERED to my house.... Total Price $300 US.

That's why I'm doing it "backwards". Thanks again!:classic:

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I also agree that this should be pretty simple. Most likely the 5-spd is from a US 280Z or 280ZX. Either will work but the ratios will be a little different. You can keep your current clutch that is in your 280Z, just be sure and also use the clutch slave, fork, and throwout bearing collar. You probably should check the clutch surface, this would be a good time to change it. Also, good idea to change the throwout bearing.

The shift levers will be interchangable as well so if you like one more than the other you can swap them. Also, check the little plastic bushings for the shifter(between the pin and shift lever), if there are any left, and use which ever are in better condition. Also, if your speedo was acurate you may want to swap over your speedo gear from your 4-speed. The trans mounts after '71 should be the same so you may compare and use the better one. You should be able to use your 280Z drive shaft as well.

Have fun!

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