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how true is this statement


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i cut this statement from ebay:

You are looking at a Subaru 3.700 LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL. Donor car was a 1987 Subaru RX turbo. This part will bolt into any Subaru with a 3.700 transfer case. I've heard that all you Datsun Z-car and 510 guys like to use these as well, though I don't know how much modification is required to use this in a Datsun.

Item number # 2408552558

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It will fit, but I'm not sure if that is an R-200 or an R-180.. looks like a 180.

The only thing you would have to do is change the flanges and output shaft. If it is an R-200 you just change the mustache bar and lower lateral link the same as you would if you took the diff out of a 280...

Subaru's have always been a good source of LSD's to fit into Z's. The hard part is knowing which models of Subaru's had the LSD's and which rear it has, as I believe some of the Subaru's did have 180's while other had 200's....

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I believe the newer WRX's have R-180 but back in '87 I am pretty sure they were all R160's. But a LSD R160 is probably stronger than an open R180. Of course a LSD R180 would be even better yet. And a LSD R200 would be nearly indestructable behind an L6 motor(if you keep fluid in it!).

If you can learn to identify the R160 and the R180 the rest can be easy because there is a little foil tag on the back of the Subaru diffs that has the part number, ratio, and LSD if it is such.

Have fun!

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WRX is R180, new WRX STi - R200, these arent normal R200's though they are computer torqe biased and electronically controlled via a center console mounted joystick which works as a traction direction system that lets you shift the traction to front / back instantly... w000

The Older suburu diffs were almost all certainly R160's (PIECES OF

CRAP!!!!) they snap in half under 200 hp daily driving! piece of

crap LSD or not, My 74 260Z has a 325hp V8, think im going to

use a 160mm diff? um..no.

ill take a new WRX R180LSD and toss it in though... (even though

I have DESTROYED an R180 already in the past) :)


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Nissan R200 LSD - Skyline/Silvia/Z Car


Removed from a `95 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Has ONLY 13,000 miles! 12MM ring gear bolts similar to most modern R200's that come in 300ZX (Z32/Z31), 240SX/Silvia, possibly some Infinity models. Uses a 31mm diamter with 30 tooth spline input shaft similar to that used on S14, and S15 Silvia. The bearings look new, and everything looks very clean. Uses standard gear oil with LSD friction additive.

If this doesn't easily slip into your car I believe it's worth the work to make it fit. When are you going to see an almost new factory LSD at this price again? It pops right into your 12mm ring gear R200 housing real easily, then the trick is getting half shafts that will work for you with this spline count. Then enjoy the added traction and control your car will have. The larger input shafts mean they are stronger.

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