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Looking for an l28

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Hi all, :D 

This is pretty much my first time on a forum apart from a short time on rotary car club, so please excuse me if I do things a little wonky starting off. Anyway, I absolutely love s30's and intend on rebuilding one in the near future. I'm here to try and get started. My plans have changed over time from an ls swapped 300zx to a 350sbc swapped s30 to just realizing I wanted to retain the L platform in these cars and just go for lightweight, and great throttle response and handling with modest power. So I'm set on an L28 and after a bit of research here actually have come to the conclusion I'm looking for a p54 block with an n42 head in need of rebuild, or at least clean up and assembly. The problem is, I can't seem to find anything near me that seems like a reasonable price. The best thing I've found right now is a guy selling "l28 blocks with dished pistons" for 350 and a range of heads from 500-800. He seems to have a large warehouse full of parts and I will probably contact him with what I'm looking for. But I figured it would be worth a shot to hop on a forum that seems to be filled with nice, helpful people and see if anyone has these in the area(washington state, not afraid to drive). If you have any information feel free to send it my way, and thank you for your time. I hope to be on here troubleshooting in the near future, working on the Z. (:

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Do you even have a car yet?  Or are you planning to build an engine first?


I had good luck buying a whole car for parts.  Check this one out - http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/5332704588.html


Also, the wrecking yard engines can be good.  Z's tend to end up in they wrecking yard for electrical reasons, not engine.


Who's the guy with the parts?  There are some you'll want to avoid or be cautious with.

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No, I was planning on building the engine and getting a transmission sorted first, based on money and space for the time being. 

it would be a journey to get that beast, but that might be the best way to go, I do have a buddy with a parts car though. 

Thats parts guy

I guess I kind of figured they wouldn't end up in yards for some reason. I don't suppose you have any suggestions?

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They don't show up as often as they used to, even just a few years ago, but they do occasionally.


Here's two sites.  You can set up e-mail alerts on the Row52 site.  Be aware that they mislabel Z's as ZX's sometimes and vice-versa.  And a ZX engine will work fine.






His prices are high for today's market but might be reasonable in about 7-8 years.  Doesn't say "rebuilt" either, they're just junkyard quality.  I'd rather buy a whole non-running car.  It's good that he's grabbing parts before they get melted down but he's charging twice the wrecking yard prices.


Weird that he's pulled all of the dampers from the engines.  Maybe he has a side business selling rebuilt L series dampers.  The damper adds another $100-150.  The nickels and dimes will eat up a budget.

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