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240z Rear Diff Gasket replacement


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I purchased two new gaskets for my 240 rear diff. I thought this would be a no brainer. I also purchased an air tool set up and a new compressor. I figured It was time to get serious with my Z. I put it up on JAck stands and started to look around. It looks as though I have to drop the front cross member for the rear diff and also the two cross bars that connect it to the body. With this done the rear I-bean fall down for the rear tires and the diff starts to fall.

Am I doing this all wrong. I really need to replace the seal and clean this unit up.

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If you are going to pull the rear cover, you'll have to pull either the whole diff, or at least the mustache bar in order to get the mounting bolts out of the mustache bar. Only way to get the rear cover off without removing the diff or mustache is if you pull the mounting studs out of the rear cover, that would be your easiest course of action. Take the nuts off that mount it to the mustache bar and double nut each stud one at a time and remove them. Then you should be able to remove the rear cover if you can get a wrench on all the bolts...:ermm: Might be difficult on a couple.....

Otherwise you'll either have to remove the whole diff or mustache bar.

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I haven't used Amsoil, but have used the RedLine synthetics... I'd go for it, if for nothing else, piece of mind...

But, you should replace the seals and gaskets before you change... If you seals and gaskets are worn, the lighter weight synthetics will more than likely cause you to have a leak where you didn't have one before. :ermm:

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