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Victoria British Steel Panels?


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Called VicBrit, and not much help. If anybody has experience and current catalog, here's my question:

Page 25 top illustration:

- is #6 just a smaller cut out of #5? or is it an inner skin?

-#11 a cutout of #10?:ermm:

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#6 is just the small outer repair panel that goes on the bottom of the fender, while #5 is the complete fender.

#11 is just the dog leg section of the complete quarter panel (#10)

If you choose not to replace the complete quarter (if you have no rust through around the wheel lip) then just use the small dog leg panel.

Same with the front fender, if you don't need the whole thing, just cut off the bottom and weld in the repair panel in its place.

If you have a lot of rust in the rear quarter around the outside of the fender lip, be sure to check the inner fender, as they will both rust through at the same time usually. If you have a hole in the bottom of the inner fender at the very bottom, you'd almost need to buy the inner panel to fix it correctly. I tried to make a patch for the inner fender, and the curves are almost impossible to duplicate, or at least for a novice they were....I ended up buying the inner fender panel, and cutting off what I needed to patch the inner fender so the dog leg would seal off the end of the rocker...:ermm:

BTW, MSA has a better price on the inner fender panel if you need it. Same prices on the fender panel and dog leg panel though....

MSA also has a better price on the large quarter repair panel, which in the long run, might be easier than just the dog leg. You will open up the quarter and be able to repair or replace the inner fender panel if it is needed.

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