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What's this part called?


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What is the part called that covers the bottom of the body seal welting in the door opening? It's like a threshold, but I think the threshold is the aluminum piece with the word "Datsun" on it. This piece is right behind it as you look into the car, it's metal with a black plastic covering, has a lip that covers the welting, runs the length of the door opening, and curves down into the interior of the car. It then screws into the inside of the car, near the floor next to the seat. Is this the scuff plate? I am in need of a left and right side, and I want to be sure of the name before I place an order.

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The black ones are called the scuff plates, while the outer aluminum ones are called the sill plates.

I know Andy Russell has a pretty good price on both, wiht balck screws for the scuff plates and stainless for the sill plates.

[email protected]....

or did I send you his price list? darn, what's that memory disease called??:stupid:

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