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Headlight gaskets


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I knew I had never seen them on anyones site, or for that matter in any catalogs....

Just thought those two would know whether or not you can get them.. More than likely your going to have to make your own. Shouldn't be too hard if you can get one off in one piece to trace onto a sheet of rubber gasket material.

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Originally posted by mmagnus

not a bad idea if I cant find

Might also try Andy Russell at e-mail addy: [email protected] he's in Chandler, AZ and has great service and prices. He doesn't have a website yet, but I've dealt with him and can vouch for his service.

Addendum to suggestion by 2ManyZs:

Orchard Supply Hardware has lots of different thicknesses and constructions of sheet rubber (reinforced or not) at reasonable prices. Get a nice Xacto-Knife set and some sheet rubber and have at it.

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