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Insurance- Just got it!

That Ozzy Guy

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I just got insurance today for AU$600 full comprehensive for one year limited to 8000km which is fine by me as I drive less than that.

Previously I had only Third Party Property as it was difficult for me to find comp ins due to my semi-bad record.

I'm so happy. It's a big weight off my shoulders I tell you. Next year it should go down to around AU$350.:classic:

I got it with these guys. http://www.famousinsurance.com.au They are in WA but cover Australia wide. Check them out, they guarantee they will beat any quote by 10% for us young hooligans (so to speak)

Elated George:bunny:

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I've tried them Brett. The thing with me is I've had my license suspended for 3 months for speeding and a week before that I had an at fault accident. I'm not making excuses for myself but I was going through a rough time late December 2001 which is the time this all happened. I've copped it good and don't complain much (I even sold my Skyline, which was an excellent car, to keep out of trouble and to stop making them rich and me poor) but these insurance companies are just ridiculous. No one will give you a chance and if they do they will certainly screw you for a large percentage of your earnings.

I have made an honest mistake and paid for it but they still don't care. They do not treat you as a person so much as a statistic. Prior to Dec 2001 I had a perfect record and I mean perfect but for the two simple mistakes that could happen to anyone they pigeon hole you as a criminal.

Maybe not that drastic but I didn't buy my dream car (Mustang Fastback '67-'68) cause I couldn't find insurance and obviously had to sell my Skyline. I've called that many insurance companies and spoken to that many supervisors and brokers to last me three lifetimes. I know their industry inside out and could work for any of their companies (but I wouldn't).

Can you all tell how much love I have for them:finger:

That is why I'm so exstatic to get insurance for $600. Might not sound cheap to some of you but for me it's a Godsent.


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Originally posted by That Ozzy Guy

"I know their industry inside out"

Thinking about coming over next year with my Z, what do you think my chances are of getting insurance for an RB powered Z?

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Piece of cake, if it's clean, legal & your record is good for the last few years.

There are already plenty of RB Zeds in the country.

My car is currently on laid-up insurance with Shannons as L28ET, fully restored (in-progress), agreed value $15k.

It will be $30k when finished, and they have no problem with that.

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Ivan, as long as you get an engineers report and comply with our ADR's (Australian Design Rules) you should be able to. I'd call Just Cars, (will insure up to market value only which is $5,800 for a 240) these guys are into high risk heavily modified cars. Famous as I mentioned above are lenient too and will offer you agreed value (definately give them a go). MB Prestige might insure you but I'm not sure about their modification policy.

I've just called "Street Tech Modified Vehicle Insurance" who is a part of the Heath Lambert Group. I've not had to deal with Belinda before but I think that they might give you some form of cover. She's going to call me back later today so I'll let you know what happens.

If all else fails Ivan you might need to go through brokers but that's a last resort.

There's a guy from Perth (name escapes my memory atm) with a nice RB powered Z. Ask him how he got insurance if he does have any.

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Your age makes it tougher but not impossible.

Belinda got back to me and their premiums are pretty bigh. They mainly deal with heavily modified vehicles and yours is in another class I'm guessing.

I thought you might loose your No Claim Bonus so I asked around and most companies will honour your current rating although we only have 60% maximum no claim.

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George, great to here you managed to get some kind of comprehensive cover. At least now you can take to the road for the big drives when you feel the need, without that nagging thought "what if". And the big plus even if you drive there and back you wont blow your km's going to the nationals.



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My insurance is around $330 a year, comprehensive. I was totally stoked by the quote, the only problem being it has a maximum value of hte market value - being $5500 I think.

When I tried to get a quote for the 240K I found it much more expensive (like almost $2000). Ridiculous, so I have to put up with Fire & Theft only until 2004 when it should go down.

As for Shannons etc. that's great if you're over a certain age but useless if you're younger than that.

What I find stupid for most big companies you can only have an agreed value if your car is under 10 years old. WHAT THE? Certainly the value of cars older than that would vary more??? Who knows, certainly not the telephone guy on the other end of the phone when I wanted an explaination ROFL

Can't wait until I'm old enough for insurance companies to treat me like a person...

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I always find that speaking to a supervisor helps. If I accepted what the phone centre people tell me I'll never get insurance. After having been put on hold so many times so they can consult their supervisor I just got into the habbit of asking to speak to them directly to try to make a deal with them. Some are more obliging than others.

Thanks Steve. It is a big load off my shoulders and I don't drive 20 meter behind the car infront of me anymore. I've moved up to 10 meters.LOL

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Originally posted by Alfadog

the only problem being it has a maximum value of hte market value - being $5500 I think.

Will they agree on a quote from an insurance evaluator? - when I had my 300 insured they said it was only worth about $7000 so I got it evaluated (evaluator said $12000) and they accepted that.

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Insurance companies are nothing but a rip-off. I just had an accident with a BMW and it was clearly his fault but his company just gives me the run around trying to pay for only 80% of the damages.

90% of insurance companies where I live refuse to even insure my car for the state required let alone full coverage. They just chuckle at that request. They say it is too old.

You might as well just have minimum coverage. They will not pay any of you what your car is worth when wrecked.

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